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Global Game Jam 2017

 . أذا كنت من محبي صناعة الألعاب الإلكترونية، شارك الأن في تحدي ” Global Game Jam ” التحدي الذي يجمع اكثر من 80 دولة من حول العالم، للتنافس في بناء لعبة إلكترونية في غضون 48 ساعة. فترة التحدي : 20-22/ 1 /2017    للمشاركة قم بالتسجيل عبر الرابط التالي للاستفسار يرجى الاتصال على: 0776729702 ( يستضيف مختبر الألعاب الأردني ... Read More »

Jordan Gaming Summit 2015 Speakers

Eric Holmes is the Creative Director of Dice‬ Worked as a Designer on Batman: Arkham Origins, Gears of War 3, Prototype, and helped the development of Unreal Engine 4 tech at Epic Games. Not only is Eric a Game designer, IP Creator, writer, and speaker he joined DICE in 2015, as a worldrenowned developer of the Battlefield series, Star Wars ... Read More »

Training for Trainers

The Jordan Gaming Lab which is one of King Abdullah II Fund For Development Programs has conducted a training for trainers course with the help of 15 participating school and university teachers and lab supervisors from all over Jordan to train them on the newest and most useful tools for game design and development that is being used by game ... Read More »

Game Design and Development Courses for Children

The Jordan Gaming Lab has finished three game design and development courses for children which was held in Amman and Irbid Gaming Lab with participation of 60 child who joined the course in age between 8 – 13 years old, where the children learned how to make and write their own game scenario for 2 days, after that they joined ... Read More »