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Game Zanga 2015

For the second time in a row, the Gaming Lab branches in Amman and Irbid hosted ‘Game Zanga’ for game development with the participation of 44 people from Jordan, where participants work on developing their games in the Lab within a 3 day period.

About Zanga:

It is one of the activities of the development of global blockbuster games formats where developers of all levels congregate to interact, meet each other and to learn what is new, for developing their games within a specific theme/ theme set within a week or less.

It targets gamers of all backgrounds, ages and levels of expertise from professional developers of games to amateurs, who have not had any experience in developing games.

Where participants develop their games where everyone complies with the specific theme everyone as a means to ensure the beginning and end of the work to develop the game during the period of Zanga.  It is also a way to put an obstacle or a challenge for developers to push them towards successful ideas.

Game Zanga is a non-profit initiative to support the gaming industry that are organized under the community Taco games in partnership and cooperation with game developers volunteers from all over the Arab world..

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